FAQ – Car Seats

  1. Is car seat required by law in Singapore?

According to Singapore Police Force, all persons travelling in vehicles, irrespective of their age, should be appropriately belted up.  Adults below the height of 1.35m shall use booster seat or approved adjustable seat belts to low the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

  1. Is taxis exempted from the car seat requirement?

Taxis are exempted from the child restraint requirement as it would not be reasonable or practical for public service vehicles to carry a number and variety of child seats of different-sizes that are suitable for children of different ages. Children or persons below the height of 1.35m shall only ride in the rear of the taxis.

  1. Does private hire cars need car seat?

Private hire is not exempted from car seat requirement.  According to Land Authority of Singapore, private hire cars, which must be pre-booked, allows passengers to indicate if they require booster seats or child restraints at the point of booking. This gives private hire car drivers sufficient advance notice to prepare accordingly.

  1. What are the types of car seat approved by Traffic Police?

Car seats which meet one or more of the following standards are approved by Traffic Police:

  • the American Standard FMVSS 213;
  • the British Standards B.S. 3254: Part 2: 1988, B.S. AU 202a: 1988, or B.S. AU 185: 1983;
  • the Australian Standard AS 1754-1975 (including AS 1754.1-1989 Part 1, AS 1754.2-1989 Part 2 and AS 1754.4-1989 Part 4);
  • the European Standard ECE R44;
  • the Japanese Standard JIS D0401-1990
  1. What is i-size car seat?

i-Size is the new European standard for child car seats. You may not need to replace your car seat now but when you buy your next car seat, you should consider i-Size.   i-Size and ECE R44.04 has been running side by side since 9 July 2013 but a date will eventually be set when i-Size is the ONLY standard.  That date has not been set.


  1. Is car seat required on the plane?

Check with the respectively airlines for their requirements.

Singapore Airline for example, welcome to use approved car seats and FAA, CAA, FMVSS, ECE R44, CMVSS and AS/NZS1754 approved child harness for child under 3 years of age. The car seat must be able to fit the typical passenger seat, forward facing and seat 2-point harness can be used.